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Stream: Tulpehocken Creek

Date of Update: 6/23/2017

Author: TCO Reading Staff

Highlight: Call the shop and ask us about the fishing, need a guide we can help with that too!!!
@ 610-678-1899 ext 1

Stream Level: 162 cfs Average flow is 150-200 at Waterworks

Water Temp: 68 Check temperatures before fishing.

Clarity: Clear

Fishing Overview: Yesterdays water temperatures reached 70 degrees by mid day.
The caddis hatch has really slowed down however there are some sightings of one or two tricos coming off in the morning.
Fishing ants and beetles are starting to be productive when fishing towards the banks.
Using a sow bug as your trailer seems to work well.

Specifics and Tips: Fish are starting to wise up. Making sure you have a drag free drift and lighter tippet will increase your hooked. Dries: Long leaders and light fluorocarbon tippet, 6x and 7x for best results.
When nymphing try using a "high stick" method, this will increase your amount of hook ups.

Hatches: Tan Caddis - sz. 16-20
Tricos - sz. 22-28 Midge - sz.18-28
Streamers- sz. 1-10 Ants- sz. 14-18 Sow Bugs sz. 18-22

Hot Patterns: Fly Ants Black- sz 14-18
Trico male & female spinner- sz 22-28 CDC Tan/Yellow Caddis emerger - sz. 16-18
CDC Emerald Green Caddis Adult - sz. 16-18 CDC Pop Midge Cream - sz. 18-28 Birds of Prey Caddis larva - sz.16-18
Pheasant Tail - sz.16-22
Zebra Midge - sz.18-28
Wooly Bugger crystal white- sz.12-6
Near Nuff Sculpin Olive- sz.10-6
Sow Bugs Grey- sz. 18-22

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USGS Flow: USGS Water-data graph

Conservation Note: If you see trash in the streams pick it up help keep our treasured streams clean and full of trout.
Not having a barb on the hook will help with quick releases, and decrease the chances of gill damage to the fish.
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