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Stream: Big Spring

Date of Update: 5/30/2023

Author: TCO Boiling Springs Staff

Highlight: Look for tan caddis and the usual cressbugs. A few Sulphurs are still evident right at dusk. Warm weather will trigger terrestrials.

Stream Level: steady

Water Temp: 56 degrees

Clarity: Clear

Fishing Overview: Subsurface flies such as cress bugs, small pheasant tails, and midges should produce. Sulphur emerges and dries at dusk are the tickect.

Specifics and Tips: Drifting sow bugs in the channels between beds of cress should produce some action.

Hatches: Midges sz 18-26 BWO sz 18-20 Sulphur sz 16-18

Hot Patterns: Cress Bugs - sz. 12-18
Red Zebra Midges - sz. 18-20
Olive Sculpin - sz. 10-14
Sulphur Comparadun - sz. 16-18

Other Information: TCO Boiling Springs hours:
Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday : 9am - 4pm

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